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Position: Producer & International Sales Director

Contact: ugur@kinostanbulfilm.com

Together with Kinostanbul Film professional team, we are working on especially documentaries. The company has made a voice in the world with its historical documentaries.



Position: Producer

About: There are thousands of legends told about the Hagia Sophia’s wells and tunnels. According to the legends there is a cistern big enough to hold a galleon, and the tunnels reach to Proti (Kınalıada). The Hagia Sophia, which was regarded as the Vatican of its era, also houses the “Crypto Room” which contains the thousand year old Christian archives. Many respected sources mention a tradition that everything devoted to the Hagia Sophia should remain there. This guarantees that there will be surprising finds buried under the structure, because such items were not thrown away and kept beneath the church, even though they were broken or unusable. Filming the tunnels for the first time that cannot be entered even by the curators and archeologists, verifying the legends or finding out that they were merely rumors, and discoveries of new facts will set of repercussions through the entire world.


SADAN (Docu-Drama)

Position: Producer & International Sales

About: The Sadan project is based on a real life story of Sadan. Sadan, who lived in different parts of the world with her husband in her youth, gave her wife an 8 mm camera. Sadan starts recording all the details of her life with this camera. While watching the life of Sadan, who had to struggle with alzheimer at an later age, we look closely at both the changing world and a life changed by Alzheimer’s disease.



About: The Diaries of Dawn, television series adapted from of the comic series “The Diaries of Dawn” which began broadcasting in 2006 to give real life events on the Ottoman and Turkish fronts in the First World War and the War of Independence, not only the appearances but also the events behind them and the reasons that gave birth to them.


HAPPY END (Short Movie)

About: The film is designed to show the other side of events in the course of life. An athlete becomes a champion, unhappily losing hundreds of athletes, a couple marries, others dreaming of marrying one of the couples, becoming unhappy, leaving the lottery, leaving thousands of empty tickets behind. The happy ending is a film that seeks to look from the other side. On one side there is a engaged couple. On the other hand, two gypsy fortune-teller who have failed so far to try to get their daily sustenance. Fortune tellers come across a double. They try to outdo each other to get a good tip. While looking at the fortune, young people build up points in their past that they did not tell each other. After a while, they become parties in the relationship. Blood pressure rises and ropes break. The girl and the boy decide to leave and throw away the rings. Although painful for girls and children, the day is over with a happy ending for the gypsies.